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3C is a supplier of coin blanks, prepared ready for striking to mints. The coin blanks are of high quality and are accurate to si ze to ensure trouble-free striking on high-speed presses. 3C offers to mints its technical assistance and advice to achieve an excellent end product. If difficulties are encountered 3C can provide technical service to help to overcome the problems. 3C has installed world class coining presses and is in a position to offer a comprehensive service to the issuing banks, beginning with creative ideas for new coin values up to the delivery of coins free vault.

The following services are available :
  • Advice on design to complement existing series, alterations and renewals together with the introduction of new coins and coin series.
  • Development of ideas on the form of new coin denominations including artistic and graphic design.
  • Sampling of, and advice on, the suitability of coinage alloys.
  • Integration of security features in coinage material and coin design.
  • Supply of coins in collector quality, in proof like or proof condition, in standard packing or luxury cases.