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It is 3C's aim to achieve complete and long-term customer satisfaction. All the product divisions are engaged in the permanent task of making their production processes and business procedures more efficient and reliable in organizational and technical terms. The Company has introduced Total Quality Management (TQM) system in compliance with the ISO 9000 series, certified and monitored by reputable certification bodies. The TQM systems are harmonized & co-ordinated on a product-wise basis, focusing on achieving long-term customer satisfaction.

Our Quality team implements and controls quality processes and procedures from the Raw Material stage to the delivery of the product to the customer. High levels of Quality procedures implemented on each manufacturing stage is carefully planned, designed and built to guarantee, world standards in ever higher purities, tighter tolerances & analysis and improved properties.

The effectiveness of the Quality System implemented are regularly verified and updated by internal auditing. 3C possesses world class quality equipments, including spectrometers, X-Ray machines, emission and absorption instruments, defect eliminating systems, electronic microscope, hardness tester, CIMM Laser Inspection System etc.

Other Testing Equipments
  • Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • X Ray machines
  • Emission absorption instruments.
  • Chemical Microscopes
  • Tensile & hardness Tester
  • CIMM Laser Inspections System
  • Surface Roughness tester
The chemical, physical weight & measures laboratories have been carefully planned, designed and built to be integrated with the quality system adopted and implemented in every stage of the production process. These laboratories guarantee the highest level of quality standards.
Non-destruction testing Mechanical Testing
  • Ultrasonic Test
    • Preparing samples
    • Tensile tests
    • Elasticity tests
    • Elongation tests
    • Hardness tests
    • Bending Yield Limit
    Metallorgraphy Chemical Laboratory
    • Macro etching to ascertain solidification, segregation, formation of shrinkage cavities, grain structure etc.
    • Determining Grain Size
    • Ascertaining external illusions
    • Porosity
    • Chemical Composition of Raw Material
    • Controlling production processes(Casting, annealing, pickling, cleaning, degreasing etc.)
    • Checking Quality finished products