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Consolidated Coin Company is Indias largest integrated producer of Coin Blanks and Copper / Copper Alloy Strips. The manufacturing plant is located at Faridabad, satellite town of New Delhi in India, producing over 25,000 Metric Tonnes of unusually wide range of Copper / Copper Alloy products specially made for such purposes as Coins, Coin Blanks, Electrical Equipment, Automobile Industry, Chemical Plants, Petrochemical Industry, Ship-Building, Offshore Technology and both conventional and Nuclear Power Stations. The great variety of Copper / Copper Alloys, their high quality and the degree of technological and metallurgical sophistication exhibited by 3C products, result from intensive research and development.

3Cs materials such as Cupro-Nickel Strips, Copper Strips, Nickel Strips, Phosphorus Bronze Strips etc. meet extremely high quality standards. Modern production equipment, an effective quality assurance system and a team of highly qualified staff contribute to 3Cs leading role in Copper / Copper Alloy technology.

The quality of 3Cs products is of a recognised high standards. This is achieved by high-quality manufacturing process, right from melting to finished products and precise quality assurance measures at all stages of production, from selection of raw material to finished product.

The quality of 3Cs products starts in the melting works followed by Horizontal Continuous Casting, Double Sided Milling, Intermediate Breakdown Rolling, Intermediate Annealing, Edge Slitting, Pickling and Final Superior Finish. Only with the advancement of Melting and Casting Metallurgy, combined with sophisticated Cold Rolling and Finishing Technology, could the demand for ever higher purities, tighter tolerance of analysis and improved properties under more and more stringent conditions of services be satisfied.

3C complies with special test specifications to guarantee a consistent quality standard. This includes quality controls e.g. Ultrasonic Surface Inspection, Micrographic Examination and Mechanical Property Tests.

Over 70% of the Copper / Copper Alloy Strips manufactured by 3C are exported worldwide and have found acceptance in variety of industries from Coin to Coin Blanks, from Electrics to Electronics, from Automobiles to Automotive Industry, from Ships to Railways, from Power Plants to Nuclear Plants.

3C employs the most modern and state-of-the-art process technologies for the entire production, right from melting to finished products. Invaluable combinations of high standards of quality, reliable deliveries, competitive prices and efficient service are the hallmark of 3C.